Pork (Corn & Soy-Free) - Jowl Bacon

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A higher fat content bacon packed with even more flavor, also known as pork cheek bacon. Pre-cured and pre-cut, ready for you to sauté, pan fry or bake. Enjoy with your eggs for breakfast, on top of a burger, or as a salad topper. 

Package size: 14-16 oz 

Ingredients: Pork, water, contains 2% or less of: brown sugar, celery juice powder, maple sugar, salt, sea salt, and sugar.


Pasture-raised pork as nature intended from our partner farm, Full Circle Farms. 

No GMOs, no medications, no hormones, no chemicals, no nitrates/nitrites… As natural as it gets. Beyond Organic.

By supporting Apsey Farms and our partnership of regenerative farms, you’re supporting regenerative agriculture. All of our products are grown or raised using regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and sequester carbon.

Together, we can combat climate change and produce healthier, better food.