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When it comes to your food, the quality matters. You are what you eat after all. 

And you are what you eat, eats too.

For the nutritional content of meat, it goes back to the land and animal management. 

At Apsey Farms, we practice regenerative agriculture.  Through holistic management and rotational livestock grazing, we build soilsequester carbon, and improve the environment. 

Animals managed properly using rotational grazing = healthier soil with more nutrients = animals consume more nutrients = we consume more nutrients.

"If you're looking for the highest quality grass-fed beef with NO hormones or antibiotics you MUST check out @apseyfarms"

Dr. Chris Quinn, Oakland, MI

"We had the opportunity to try angus beef from @apseyfarms in mid-Michigan. And let me tell you - it's amazing! It's 100% grass-fed, with no hormones or antibiotics. This family run farm believes all their animals should live as nature intended."

Karry B. Grosse Pointe, MI

"It was definitely the best beef I have tasted in a long time... flavorful and tender bites."

Tammy D. Ashton, MI

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Restoring the health of our planet by helping busy and informed consumers gain access to nutritious, delicious, and ethical food to eat with confidence.

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