Our Story

It begins over 100 years ago when our grandparents first started farming on this land in Central Lower Michigan.
Over the years, our family has continued to grow and expand the farm, and we are now proud to now offer a wide variety of nutrient-dense animal products.

The Apsey Family understands the importance of feeding your family the most healthy, nutrient-dense food you can trust. That's why we're committed to regenerative, pasture-raised farming that mimics nature and does not require the use of any artificial or chemical inputs.

It began by questioning what was in the cheap mystery meat at grocery stores and in fast food. We were confused by deceitful labels and frustrated that we could not find nutrient-dense meat we trusted when traveling or eating out. There wasn't an easy way to purchase U.S. regeneratively raised meat without knowing one of the few farmers practicing this farming method and without having a large freezer to store a half or whole cow.

We deliver nutrient-dense meat you can trust directly to your door.

And, we have been blown away by the continued interest and support. After turning far too many interested families away, we realized the best way to expand our impact is by partnering with other farms practicing the same high-quality standards and principles.

We are proud to continue serving the most nutrient-dense meat around to more families every year, thanks to our amazing team and partner farms. We certainly could not do what we do without the help, love, and support from many.

Our Mission

At Apsey Farms, we believe that nutrient-dense meat is the foundation of health and wellness. That’s why we are committed to offering the highest quality, regeneratively-raised beef, chicken, and pork directly to your door. We strive to create superior animal welfare standards and land management practices that encourage biodiversity and regenerating our ecosystems.

Rest easy, knowing you’re getting the most nutrient-dense, ethically-produced meat available. We’re proud to help nourish your family and planet with every bite.