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Where does Apsey Farms deliver?

If you are located in the continental U.S., we deliver your order directly to your door. We try to contact you ahead of time to ensure the delivery ETA works for you.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of your meats, we require selecting a 2-Day or less shipping option.

Delivery & Ordering

No problem. We'll leave your order at the front door in an insulated box. Once you do arrive home we just ask that you would unpack your items as soon as you are able.

Yes, there is a $75 order minimum to ensure we have enough product in your box to maintain a safe shipping temperature. Please Note: Orders of $199 or more to select states qualify for Free Home Delivery.

Orders within our regular service area are delivered by a trusted local courier. Orders outside our regional service area will be shipped via UPS.

Items are shipped frozen and carefully packaged in an insulated bag and box with ice so food stays frozen even if you’re not home when we deliver.

To receive your order on a given week, we ask that you place your order before 11:59 pm on Monday of that week.

We deliver orders on a weekly basis and you will be given an estimated delivery date prior to confirming your order. Orders can arrive in as early as 1-2 days depending upon your order date and location. You will receive a tracking # the day your box ships.

If you would like to delay your shipping to the following week or a specific date please add your request in the ‘note to seller’ box at checkout. Otherwise, all orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible in the order they were received.

All orders received are processed immediately and will be packaged and shipped at the earliest convenience. If you would like to cancel your order or combine multiple orders, please contact Customer Service at as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate you to the best of our ability, however, if the order has already been processed and packaged, changes may not be possible. In the event that you receive an incorrect item, or an item is missing from your order, please reach out within two business days, and we will be sure you are taken care of!

Quality is our priority and our meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness. All orders are individually packed in a box with insulated bag. We calculate the ice needs for each individual address and our goal is to always get the products to you frozen. However, we cannot guarantee that every cut will remain completely frozen. As long as the meat is cold to the touch, products have not been compromised. If any of your items are warm, please let us know so we can make this right.

We have chosen to trust UPS to deliver all orders. You will receive three confirmations: an order confirmation immediately upon purchase, a confirmation when your order is being packed and a confirmation when your order has been picked up by UPS. All packages will be left without a signature and can be delivered as late as 8pm.

P.O. box addresses are not accepted. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses or mistakes entered in shipping details. Any shipping instructions should be entered into the ‘note to seller’ section at checkout (NOT in the address section). We will forward shipping instructions onto UPS, however, we cannot guarantee drivers will follow instructions.

Our meat is flash frozen and individually packed in an eco-friendly cooler. We include ice to ensure it remains frozen. The meat should be cold to the touch when it arrives. 

Our goal is to always get the products to you frozen. However, during the warmer months we cannot guarantee that every cut in your box will remain completely frozen if you live outside of the Midwest. Your meat may arrive frozen, partially frozen/partially thawed, or completely thawed. 

There is no food safety issue for meats that come in refrigerator cold to partially frozen, just place them in the freezer upon arrival and enjoy later. [1]

You should, however, discard any meat that is above 40ºF. If any of your items don’t meet our guidelines, please let us know so we can make this right.

Sources: [1] USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. (2024). Freezing and Food Safety. Retrieved from USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. (2024). Freezing and Food Safety.

We advise placing the products in the fridge to thaw out over the course of 1-3 days. When thawing meat in the refrigerator, always place the package on a plate or in a bowl. This is a best practice for food safety and eliminates juices from leaking all over your refrigerator.

Production & Processing

Our chickens and pigs are pastured everyday, all day, morning and night - as well with access to grass, bugs, worms and they are also given a corn and soy-free Low-PUFA feed.

Never. Our cows are 100% grass fed and finished. From the moment our animals are weaned from their mothers, they consume high-quality forage for the rest of their lives. Grass finished cows contain more nutrients, such as phytonutrients, since the animals consume grasses with a wide array of nutrients. We are what we eat!

When snow makes grazing impossible, we feed our cattle hay. Our hay is a diverse mixture of pasture grasses harvested and stored once dry made ourselves. Most of which is baleage: fresh pasture grass cut at optimal freshness, stored and vacuum packaged while moist to preserve nutrients.

We do NOT vaccinate our beef, chicken, and pork raised at Apsey Farms. Our partner farm that produces the 100% Grass-Fed Wagyu-Angus Beef DOES vaccinate their cattle so we recommend not purchasing any of the beef listed as “Wagyu-Angus” if you would like to avoid vaccinations.

Our 100% grass-fed beef roasts and steaks are dry-aged for 10-14 days after USDA-inspected slaughter to enhance tenderness and flavor. However, the beef organs and suet are frozen soon after slaughter. Our pork and chicken is also NOT dry-aged and frozen shortly after processing.

At Apsey Farms, we do not use a chlorine wash during meat packaging. We process your meat at a 3rd party USDA inspected processing facility. They employ a natural proxide and vinegar-based solution to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your products.

Our processor opts for a natural proxide and vinegar-based solution due to concerns associated with chlorine wash. This latter method involves chlorine for disinfection, which can lead to the formation of harmful compounds over time. Their natural proxide and vinegar-based solution adheres to rigorous safety and quality standards, ensuring your meat's cleanliness without compromising on health or environmental factors. It harnesses the natural antimicrobial properties of vinegar, providing a safer alternative to chlorine wash.

Returns & Refunds

Once meat leaves our farm, we are not able to accept returns. When dealing with a perishable product, ensuring that the cold chain was never broken is required. When it leaves our hands, we are unable to guarantee that the product is safe for resale.

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the package is damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Accounts & Subscriptions

We now offer bulk options for our pork and beef. For discounts on a month to month basis, check out our 'Subscribe & Save' feature. You can select this option for any of our Value Bundles. You can also 'Build your Own' cart and shop the current SALE offerings.

To update your subscription payment method, you must first confirm your account. Head to the email you signed up with, confirm your email, and then login to your account. Then you will be able to change your payment method.

For account privacy, we are unable to manually update your payment method. You must go through the portal and complete it on your end.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to our customer service team at or message us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Start enjoying Apsey Farms' nutrient-dense meats today, and taste the difference that regenerative farming makes!