Pork - Hocks

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Hocks are ideal for slow cooking or braising until fall-off-the-bone tender, so all the deep flavors from connective tissue and bone marrow are released. Pork Hocks are the front forearm of the pig, similar to the beef shank cut.

Pork hocks are also known as 'Pork Shanks' or 'Pork Osso Buco'.

Package size: 1.5-2.5 lbs

Ingredients: Pork 


Pasture-raised pork as nature intended from our farm and fellowship of regenerative farms.

No soy, no corn, no GMOs, no medications, no hormones, no chemicals, no nitrates/nitrites… As natural as it gets. Beyond Organic.

By supporting Apsey Farms and our partnership of regenerative farms, you’re supporting regenerative agriculture. All of our products are grown or raised using regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and sequester carbon.

Together, we can combat climate change and produce healthier, better food.