Why Bone Broth?

Bone Broth You Can Trust

From mystery ingredients to questionable sourcing, it’s hard to trust bone broth from the store. We firmly believe in using ingredients you can trust, so you can savor every sip with confidence!

Bone broth (aka meat stock) has been gaining popularity in recent years. And for a good reason. Our regeneratively raised ingredients are rich in collagen protein and essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals.

There's no "bones" about it – our bone broth is packed with nutrients and flavor that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance! Here are a few of the fantastic benefits you can enjoy:

  • Boosts immune system & healing [1]
  • Aids digestion [1]
  • Protects joints [2]
  • Supports strong skin, hair, & nails [3]
  • Reduces food allergies & intolerances [3]
  • Improves gut health [3]
  • Increases metabolism & promotes anabolism [3]
  • And It Even Improves... sleep! [4]

Save money on the expensive or artificial store bought. Make your own tasty bone broth with ingredients you like from your home.  It's easy!

Can I Trust Bone Broth from the Store?

From mystery ingredients to questionable sourcing, you can't. Even buying something with a label that says organic isn't enough these days.

For example, did you know the bones used to make commercial broth can contain high levels of toxic heavy metals such as Pb and Cd? [5]

Animals that aren't raised regeneratively end up having added hormones, MSGs, and harmful chemicals that make their way into your bone broth. [6]

Store-bought bone broth can be dangerously high in sodium, even if they are labeled "Low Sodium." They typically replace the sodium with sodium-flavored chemicals and GMOs. [7]

At Apsey Farms, we firmly believe in using ingredients you can trust, none of the nasty chemicals. All of our bone broth ingredients are regeneratively raised

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