Our Values


Integrity   We aim to rebuild the trust that has been lost with the big meat companies and current food system.  Radical truth and transparency throughout. 


Transcparency Health of our people, planet, and animals.


Impact Positive mental attitude in all that we do.



Impact Continuously trying new things and improving. We welcome and appreciate all feedback!



Environment  This is currently the only planet we inhibit (and it's a heckuva lot better than any others). We all share the responsibility of creating or hindering the quality of the future environment.



Philanthropy  We aim to serve.  Our mission is far greater than profits nor ourselves. We are proud to currently donate food to the Michigan Farm to School non-profit.



Growth  Last, but certainly not least, embracing flavors.



Sustainability  We want to still be around in the next 100 years. And we would love for you (and your family) to still be buying your meat from us! To get there, we forego short-term profits and quick results, in order to best provide consistent value for life.