Forest-Raised Pork

Better for the animals. Better for the environment. Better for you


Our pork are raised as nature intended in the forest and supplemented with corn and soy-free low-PUFA feed.

Human Health Benefits

Human Health Benefits
  • 1.5 X more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)1
  • 3 X more Vit B1 and two times more Vit B22
  • 4 X more Vit E3
  • 5 X more polyphenols& higher concentrations of other phytochemicals5-8, which have strong anti-oxidative & anti-inflammatory effects9
  • Higher glutathione (a potent intracellular antioxidant) content10
  • More favorable fatty acid content11

 Animal Benefits

  • Improved metabolic health12
  • Reduced cortisol levels (less stress)13
  • Treated humanely at all times
  • Raised as nature intended, with fresh air, grass & water
  • No antibiotics, no hormones


Environmental Benefits

  • Improved plant diversity15
  • Increased soil carbon levels16,17
  • Improved ecosystem function18,19
  • Improved retention & quality of fresh water systems20
    Watch how holistic livestock intensive grazing practiced on Apsey Farms could be the key to reversing climate change and improving the environment.


    Prior image & following fact from the Rodale Institute “97% of commercial hogs are raised in small, indoor, concrete-floored pens. Almost half are raised on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO), also known as factory farms. These intense operations lead to overcrowding, animal stress, disease, and excessive waste.”
    Meanwhile, pigs raised in the forest at Apsey Farms:
    Low-PUFA forest-raised pork as nature intended from our family farm. Rotational foraging means greater parasite resistance, and less disease – we don't need to use chemical dewormers, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

    Our pork has no soy, no corn, no GMOs, no medications, no vaccines, no chemicals, no added hormones, no nitrates/nitrites… As natural as it gets.



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