Copy of Our Values


Integrity  We aim to rebuild the trust that has been lost with the big meat companies and current food system



Transcparency 100% transparency into what is behind the meat you are eating. And also, what is behind the food that your food ate



Family We treat our customers just like we do family. We are continuously striving to deliver the highest quality product we want to feed our closest friends and family



Philanthropy We aim to serve others. Our mission is far greater than profits nor ourselves. We are proud to currently be partnered with Michigan Farm to School and donate 10% of all revenue we receive



Impact We strive to have a local, regional, and then national reach



Environment This is currently the only World we have. And we all share the responsibility of creating or hindering the quality of the future environment. We should not take this task lightly, or expect others will carry our weight. Apsey Farm proactively does our part to make a positive environmental impact for those on and around our farm


Animal Welfare

Animals Our animals are our friends. We love them and truly value their lives. We empathize and put ourselves in their shoes (hooves) to treat them how we would best like to be treated



Sustainability  We want to still be around in the next 100 years. And we would love for you (and your family) to still be buying your meat from us! To get there, we forego short-term profits and quick results, in exchange for long-term consistent value and sustainability


Continuous Improvement

Growth We continuously strive to get better and are learning more and more every day. Please let us know any ideas you have on how we can make your experience better! We would love to hear it! :)