Eggs - Corn & Soy Free from Angel Acres (SHIPPING)

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A box of 4 dozen corn & soy free pasture-raised eggs laid by the Cluck Crew at Angel Acres delivered directly to your door!

All eggs laid within the past week. Small batch, limited quantity available each week - first come, first served! The product quantity will be updated each Saturday at 10 am ET. 

This price reflects the costs of egg production and the packaging required to deliver the eggs safely to your door. 

Subscribe & save 10% to have a box of eggs delivered at your desired frequency (once a month, every other month, or every 3 months). 

Limited to 1 box per customer each week due to our current small flock size.

We are incredibly passionate about producing the most nutrient dense eggs that are better for us & for the planet.

The chickens at Angel Acres are fed food scraps, fresh forage & insects, and a custom made Organic feed free of corn & soy. We also "supplement" the chickens with hand chopped 100% grass-fed Apsey Farms beef liver, and homemade tallow using 100% grass-fed Apsey Farms Tallow. 

Their mobile home is rotated every 2-3 days to ensure healthy living conditions for the birds, which allows us to raise healthy hens without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. 

You can follow along the adventures of the Cluck Crew at Angel Acres on Instagram and YouTube.