Easter Basket

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Do you have your Easter centerpiece figured out? Are you prepared to treat your family to a delicious and nutritious meal?

We have an incredible deal on an Easter Basket with three amazing holiday centerpiece options:

1. One Prime Rib Roast  
2. Two Fresh Ham Roasts 
3. Two Whole Chickens 

 $199 value for only $157 - over 20% savings!

Our 100% Grass-Fed Prime Rib Roast is rich, juicy, tender, and beautifully marbled with fat. Think of a giant ribeye steak, with the bones in and maximum flavor. It is the king of beef cuts!

Our Pasture-Raised Ham Roasts are one of the most traditional Easter dishes. A delicious honey-baked ham can be easily prepared at home in the oven in less than a couple hours.

Our pasture-raised, whole chickens are a classic dish that is perfect for small gatherings. 

Recipe guides and tips also included.