Chicken - Corn & Soy Free Eggs from Angel Acres (Only available for LOCALS)

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Corn & soy free pasture-raised eggs laid by the Cluck Crew at Angel Acres and managed by Dr. Ash!

The chickens at Angel Acres are fed food scraps, fresh forage & insects, and Organic feed free of corn & soy. No GMOs, Hormones, Steroids, or Antibiotics.

Currently only available for local deliveries to Grand Rapids, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Big Rapids or Cadillac, for orders over $99. 

We are incredibly passionate about producing the most nutrient dense eggs that are better for us & for the planet.

Their mobile home is rotated every 2-3 days to ensure healthy living conditions for the birds, which allows us to raise healthy hens without the use of vaccines or antibiotics. 

You can follow along the adventures of the Cluck Crew at Angel Acres on Instagram and YouTube.