Beef - Sticks

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100% grass-fed beef sticks are the perfect quick grab and go snack, providing you with a healthy punch of protein and a minimal amount of fat (with no shortage of flavor!) Next time, try dipping your beef sticks in some rich liver pate or fresh guacamole, or paired with some raw cheese for the ultimate snacking experience! Our 100% grass-fed beef sticks are hardwood smoked, uncured sweet & spicy style.

Package size: 6 oz

Ingredients: Beef, water, brown sugar, contains 2% or less of: black pepper, crushed red pepper, hydrolyzed gelatin for flavoring, hydrolyzed milk protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein from soy, sea salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, and white pepper.


100% grass-fed beef raised and finished as nature intended on our family’s farm and fellowship of Michigan farms.

No GMOs, no medications, no hormones, no chemicals… As natural as it gets. Beyond Organic.

By supporting Apsey Farms, you’re supporting regenerative agriculture. All of our products are grown or raised using regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and sequester carbon.

Together, we can combat climate change and produce healthier, better food. Next time you cut into some beef, taste the Apsey Farms difference!