About Us and Our Team

About Apsey Farms

It all started with health. We were frustrated that we could not find nutrient-dense meat we could trust. We were confused by deceiving labels at the grocery store, and there was not an easy way to consistently purchase grass fed meat raised right. 

We changed our farming practices to make our farm a fully regenerative farm in order to produce nutritious and delicious meat. We also set up a distribution and packing service for grass fed meat delivery.

We are now dedicated to delivering you nutrient-dense meat you can trust directly to your door from our partnership of regenerative farms. 



Our Team

Bob Apsey
Director of Operations
Kyle Apsey
Director of Sales & Marketing
Sarah + Dora 
Sarah Armstrong
Customer Success Manager
Ash + Dora
Dr. Ashley Armstrong
Marketing Manager
Joyce Apsey
Local Delivery Manager
Shirley Apsey
Poultry Manager
Connor Kailing
Farm Manager 
Lauren Molnar
Graphic Designer
Lisa Peedle