Our Story

It all started with health and questioning what was in the cheap mystery meat at fast food and grocery stores.  We were confused by deceitful labels and frustrated that we could not find nutrient-dense meat we trust when traveling or eating out.  There was not an easy way to purchase US regeneratively raised meat without knowing one of the few farmers actually practicing the highest quality standards and having a chest freezer open to fill.

We revamped our farming practices in 2016 to make our farm fully regenerative to produce the most nutritious and delicious meat for our family and others.  Next, we built a packing and distribution service to share our nutrient-dense meat with families across the state, then country.




We're dedicated to delivering you nutrient-dense meat you can trust directly to your door.  And we have been blown away by the continued interest and support.

After turning far too many interested families away, we realized the best way to expand our offerings and reach is by partnering with other farms practicing the same high quality standards and principles.

We are proud to continue serving the most nutrient-dense meat and eggs around to more and more families every year thanks to our amazing team and partner farms.  We certainly could not do what we do without the help, love, and support of many.    


Our Team

Bob Apsey
Director of Operations
Kyle Apsey
Director of Sales & Marketing

Amy Ballard
Inventory & Fulfillment Manager 
Anna Hansen
Customer Success Manager
Mallory DeMarrell
Inventory & Fulfillment Associate 
Tim Matzen
Farm & Construction Manager
Lauren Molnar
Graphic Designer
Joyce Apsey
Local Delivery Manager
Shirley Apsey
Poultry Manager
Wandering Wanda
Chief Trouble Maker