Full Circle Farms


Pasture-Raised Pork

We are thrilled to now provide the most nutritious and delicious pork around! 
Thanks to our partner family farm, we can now offer a wide array of pork raised as nature intended. We only partner with farms that have the same high standards, values, and principles to expand our offerings of 
healthy meat raised right.
Their pigs are raised on succulent pastures and NEVER receive any medications, growth hormones, nor GMO feed. The pork is forage based, eating what they can self-harvest, supplemented with an Amish Non-GMO grain, grass-fed raw milk, and scraps from organic gardens on their farm.


Full Circle Family Farms 

Full Circle Farms is a pasture-based multi-species family farm in Lakeview, MI. Similarly, they are starting the 4th generation of farmers. Having made the transition out of the commercial confinement farming system to regenerative, they strive to heal themselves, their animals, and the land.  

Mission:  To cultivate and nurture plants and animals in ways that heal the land, ourselves, and our community.