Chicken - Feet for Dogs

Chicken - Feet for Dogs

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Unwashed chicken feet for your dogs! Raw chicken feet are excellent snacks for your dogs. The crunching action of chewing through a chicken foot helps clean your dog’s teeth. Plus, chicken feet contain glucosamine and chondroitin which help improve the health of your dog's joints. We suggest 1 per day for smaller dogs and 2 per day for larger dogs.

Package size: 0.7 - 1.2 lb

Ingredients: Chicken


Pasture-raised poultry as nature intended on our family’s farm.

No GMOs, no medications, no hormones, no chemicals, no nitrates/nitrites… As natural as it gets. Beyond Organic.

By supporting Apsey Farms and our partnership of regenerative farms, you’re supporting regenerative agriculture. All of our products are grown or raised using regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and sequester carbon.

Together, we can combat climate change and produce healthier, better food.

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